Recently a member of the Restoration Gateway contacted us about supporting a project they were working on in northern Uganda. The project included setting up a chicken operation at a children’s home.  The thought was to produce eggs for the children’s needs and to possibly create income for the home from the sale of eggs.

We jumped at the chance…because really, what could be better!

The best automatic poultry watering system is one that consists of a reservoir, delivery pipe or hose, and automatic drinker devices. Here’s why... 

Although you can use anything that holds water as a reservoir, in my opinion, the good old 5-gallon plastic bucket is the best choice. Here are a few things to consider...  

The Real Purpose of Autowaterkit


Here I thought I had it nailed when I told people that our automatic poultry watering system would save them time, work and money. That was until Gabriella from Copperopolis California revealed the truth about Autowaterkit! Watch the video to find out.