Autowaterkit-2 "Supplied"


This auto-filling system comes with all the parts needed to keep the reservoir full at all times! It ships with the supply hose and hardware to tap into an existing garden faucet up to 40 feet away! You specify the reservoir outlet configuration and what type of water thief you'de like.


  • Brass adapter to tap into water source
  • Brass needle valve to control water to the reservoir
  • 50 feet of ¼ inch poly supply hose
  • Brass reservoir float
  • 5 gallon, heavy duty plastic reservoir
  • Vented lid with easy fill cap.
  • Brass hose connection
  • Heavy duty 4’ flex hose with brass couplers
  • New rigid schedule 40 pvc pipe assembly with 2 drinker combos (2 cups and 2 nipples). swivel joint, and drain valve.

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You'll Need to Know the Size of Your Home Water Pipe- Click Here if You Don't

Reservoir Outlet
Faucet Adapter (Water Thief)