Opaque or Semi-Transparent

Whether you go with a solid color bucket or one that you can see through, the fact remains the same; you're going to have to clean it. Algae and scum can contribute to disease and possibly affect the operation of automatic drinkers. I have used both opaque and semi-transparent reservoirs, and there are pros and cons to each. In my testing and trials, I have come to prefer the semi-transparent reservoir. In all actuality, the semi-transparent probably grows algae a little faster. The benefit though is that you can see it building up, offering a visual reminder of the need to clean it. The other advantage of the semi-transparent reservoir is the ability to see the water level. That's pretty important!

How to Build the Pipe Assembly

For shipping purposes, the pipe assembly comes in two pieces. This video will show you how to glue them together so the drinkers aren't crooked! 

How to Build the Water Thief

Water Thief is a term used to describe a piece of equipment used to "steal" water from one application to use for another. The benefit of using this approach to fill an automatic poultry water system is that it leaves your garden hose free for other stuff. For more info please visit us at www.autowaterkit.com