Reservoir- Bottom Outlet

This configuration is best if you plan to hang your reservoir, or can build a platform with a hole in the bottom. Less stress on the reservoir connection. We recommend this to assist in the long life of your reservoir

Reservoir- Side Outlet

The side outlet option is best if you simply plan on setting your reservoir on a flat surface. It is not as durable as the recommended "bottom outlet" and may not give you as much play with the flex hose.

Ported Hose Adapter

Sometimes faucets are soldered in place and cannot be removed without special tools. This new faucet has 3/4 inch female hose threads and will connect directly to the hose connection of your existing faucet.

Ported Adapter

These ported adapters come in 1/2" and 3/4" pipe thread. The port on the side is there to accommodate a needle valve. They install between your existing pipe and faucet. We offer these for folks with 1/2" pipe or those who don't need or want a new faucet.

New 3/4 inch Faucet

This brand new faucet has a port on the side to accommodate the needle valve. Use these for new water pipe installation or to simply replace an old faucet. It has 3/4" female pipe threads.