Wall Thickness

5-gallon pails are widely available with two wall thickness's .070 mil and .090 mil. Common sense dictates that the thicker wall pail is more durable, and will hold up better to the rigors of the barnyard. (The .090 pail is 20% thicker). Wall thickness is a factor to consider as we drill holes into it for our poultry drinkers or pipe attachments. Additionally, if you intend to hang your pail from the wire handle, the .090 mil lasts MUCH longer. Though the thicker walled bucket is a bit more expensive, and not as easy to find, I'd recommend it over the typical .070 mil model.  

How to Build the Pipe Assembly

For shipping purposes, the pipe assembly comes in two pieces. This video will show you how to glue them together so the drinkers aren't crooked! 

How to Build the Water Thief

Water Thief is a term used to describe a piece of equipment used to "steal" water from one application to use for another. The benefit of using this approach to fill an automatic poultry water system is that it leaves your garden hose free for other stuff. For more info please visit us at www.autowaterkit.com